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Heat Waves are a Double Jeopardy For Urban Poor Settlements

Last week, I called the repairman of my home AC as the cooling in my bedroom the night before did not seem comfortable. After finishing his job, I offered him a glass of water and a piece of cake. As he wiped his sweat, sipping water slowly, I enquired about his home. Living in a single room rented tenement of 150 sq. ft. in Sangam Vihar colony with his wife and two young kids, he barely smiled.

The Hardships of Delivery

It is estimated that there are more than one crore (10 million) delivery agents in the country today. They are not workers or employees; they are labelled as ‘delivery partners’ and ‘executives’. (Soon, they will be called GMs and MDs!). No labour laws cover them; they are treated as ’self-employed’. They have no stipulated working conditions. And, they still do not make minimum wages prescribed by law. These ‘aspirational’ youth of India earn less than Delhi’s minimum wages of 18-19,00 rupees per month for semi-skilled category. And, they have to own their own two-wheeler to earn this!

Uncovering the Reality Behind Weekend Curfew

Rajesh Tandon “I don’t care, rather get Covid than my children die of hunger”, shouting dozens of women, and men, stopped traffic on a busy Mehrauli-Badarpur road last Thursday morning at 8 am. They were demanding that buses, tempos, Gramin…

Social interactions & education futures


Rajesh Tandon ” I have not been able to sing with my friends for so long..”Tripti (14 yrs) from Jharkhand “We have not met so many youngsters like me for two years; what fun to be together’….Naresh (16 yrs) from…

Safe Spaces Needed

Rajesh Tandon ”As maids, we do not have any spaces to freely talk with each other; employers’ homes are as restricted as our own crowded homes…” Bunmali, 29 yrs from Bengal in Gurugram. “I have been facing mental stress and…

Zooming Through Life

Rajesh Tandon My nephew’s four-year-old daughter Bulbul began her first-ever schooling last year. She had her school bag ready, but nowhere to go? So, she was ‘guided’ by her enthusiastic parents to attend school online? After her first year of…