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Sakshi Sharda

Vodafone-Idea, Bad Bank and ‘narcotics jihad’

It was economic salvage week for the government. A package for the telecom sector was finally approved and announced, which makes it clear that the government favours three private players competing amongst themselves rather than a duopoly. The government also announced the formation of a bad bank to buy out Rs 2 lakh crore (Rs 2 trillion) worth of bad loans from the troubled Indian banks.

Tribute to Dr. Gail Omvedt (1941-2021)

Dr. Gail Omvedt, committed and courageous, prolific writer and powerful social scientists who brought to the fore Phule-Ambedkar legacy in the context of rising social movements in the post emergency period is no more. She passed on 25 August 2021 at the age of 80.  Gail’s close association with grass-roots movements of rural women- farmers, forest dwellers and women headed households and her involvement in the newly formed women’s rights movement during late 1970s were captured in her engaging and outstanding first person account in her book, We Shall Smash this Prison published in 1978.

Gail Omvedt (1941–2021)

I met Gail Omvedt in 1990, at the Centre for Social Studies (CSS), Surat, where I had joined as a faculty member, my first ever job. Omvedt had been a visiting fellow at the CSS for a few months, working on her book on the “new” social movements.