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Swati Solanki

Swati Solanki is Researcher at IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute. She has graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi.

Diversion of Aid to Medical Needs During Pandemic Made Hunger Invisible- Mr Tanmoy Bhaduri

Opening the session on Rural Realities- West Bengal, Dr. Simi Mehta, CEO & Editorial Director at IMPRI, welcomed the panelists to the session. Since the beginning of May2021, the Centre for Habitat, Urban and Regional Studies at Impact and Policy Research Institute (IMPRI), New Delhi, had organized a series of sessions to discuss the rural ground realities, speaking to rural practitioners and their ways and means of tackling the second pandemic wave. On May 25, 2021, the discussion was centered on “Rural Realities | West Bengal Practitioners’ Experiences in Tackling the Second Wave in Indian Villages”.