FieldLab IMPRI

FieldLab at IMPRI is a space for focused and vibrant primary research, seeking to effect impact and evidence based decision-making and policy formulation.

IMPRI has demonstrated perseverance and expertise in the arena of high quality and cost-effective research – on the field and off it. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, necessitated adherence to safety guidelines and restrictions on mobility and in-person interaction. We adapted swiftly with a collective effort.

Through FieldLab, IMPRI, with its partner organisations and student researchers, carried out telephonic surveys to assess the implications of the health crisis and lockdown on the marginalised populations of our country.

These recent surveys are:

  • Life in the Era of COVID-19: Impact of Lockdown 3.0 on CityMakers (May 2020)
  • Life in the Era of COVID-19: Impact on women-Villagemakers and Future Prospects (June to August 2020)