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Global Call To Action: Encouraging Civil Society

Rajesh Tandon “Civil society has acted as a bulwark at the global, regional, local and community levels providing incalculable assistance notably in the provision of essential health and social care services”…. In a Global Call to Action dialogue for resilient…

As Waves Rise, We Keep Falling!


Rajesh Tandon Last week, when I went for a walk in my neighbourhood, I found 3-4 young women hesitatingly begging from the passers-by. I recognised one of them as she used to work as a maid in my neighbour’s home.…

Civil Society Steps Up

Civil Society Steps Up
The country is filled with woes of COVID-19, along with that civil society stands holding the beacon of hope with citizen initiatives providing information, making resources available. It seems as though every citizen in the country has taken upon themselves to make up for the ineffectiveness of the Central Government in tackling the growing crisis due to Second Wave of COVID-19 in India. With the rising death toll and infection rates India seems to have plunged into a health crisis.

The State of Cities – #CityConversations

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A #WebPolicyTalk series by the #IMPRI Center for Habitat, Urban, and Regional Studies (CHURS) As per the recent World Bank Report, India’s urbanization is messy and hidden. The impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic have laid bare the shortcomings of…