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Xi Jinping Rises to ‘Chairman of Everything’ Plunging Party’s Future into Uncertainty

Xi Jinping Rises to 'Chairman of Everything' Plunging Party's Future into Uncertainty
The 20th Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Congress will go down in history for consecrating unprecedented centralisation of powers in the hands of Xi Jinping, demolishing several political factions within the CCP to make way for Xi’s spectacular consolidation which provides no clear identification of the sixth generation of leadership. While the emergent picture provides much elbow room for Xi to pursue his goals, the CCP also enters an unchartered course.

Xi’s Strategic Ambitions after Taiwan and Galwan

xi's strategic ambitions after taiwan and galwan

Srikanth Kondapalli Xi reiterated in work report to safeguard China’s dignity and core interests which has major implications for India. Intense nationalist rhetoric, aggressive posturing both at the domestic and external front, muscle-flexing on Taiwan and disputed areas, new-found defiance of the…

China’s 20th Party Congress: An Enigma

China's 20th Party Congress: An Enigma
As the 20th Communist Party of China congress unfolds October 16-22, there’ll be global scrutiny of the official reports, political gestures and statements made there. Much of this process is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, but it has consequences for the world.

SCO 2022: What worries Xi?

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first foreign visit since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic – to Samarkand for the SCO summit – seems to have proved largely counter-productive.