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India- Australia ties: Forging New Relations to Upscale Trade

Indian foreign policy has been geared toward setting up strong partnerships in recent years. From a nation that was diffident about getting together with like minded partners, New Delhi today is demonstrating its commitment in forging ties with those nations with whom it feels politically in sync. Trust based partnerships are re-defining the global landscape today and India is moving ahead with a degree of seriousness not seen in recent history as it configures its global posture as a leading power in the international system. This is particularly true of the Indo-Pacific where old partnerships have been resurrected and new ones have been crafted at a time of significant flux in the regional order. It is India’s engagement with Australia that stands out for the speed with which the two nations have been able to transform their bilateral engagement.

Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) between India & Australia: An Illustration of A New Beginning

India’s decision to focus on balanced economic agreements, which include a wide set of areas and not just merchandise trade, with key economic and strategic partners reflects India’s much stronger geoeconomic and geostrategic position and confidence in its ability to pursue India’s national interests. India is carefully choosing its partners for economic agreements (the media description of them as free trade agreements is misleading and inaccurate and reflects old thinking).