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Joe Biden-Xi Jinping summit: Good beginning, but virtual outcome

Chintamani Mahapatra The meeting turned out to be just a conversation between ‘old friends’ over their critical differences over strategic, economic, and political developments in recent years. America’s allies, strategic partners, the international business community, and traders were eagerly watching…


Biden’s choices and America’s moment of reckoning

There are times when an image can become a defining moment in a leader’s life. US President Joe Biden bowing down his head at a press conference in response to a reporter’s question perhaps sums up Biden’s Afghanistan policy so far. There is chaos, there is confusion and then there is sheer incompetence. Biden is losing his grip on the narrative and his team looks clueless in even managing a patina of order. Washington’s inability to withdraw with even a semblance of dignity intact will have a great bearing on America’s future conduct in global politics and it is not readily evident that the Biden administration is up to the task of moving ahead purposefully.