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India's Strategy Amidst China's Growing Presence in South Asia

India’s Strategy Amidst China’s Growing Presence in South Asia

Despite stating that it does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, China has made it an art to coerce countries that receive aid from it. Previously, China demanded deference from other countries to the “One China” policy with regard to Taiwan, Tibet and on its South China Sea disputes with South-East Asian nations.
India's Reliance on Russia Tested by China's Growing Influence

India’s Reliance on Russia Tested by China’s Growing Influence

As the world order continues to evolve, key players are reconfiguring their policies as a response. The West is being challenged internally as domestic aspirations change under the onslaught of global forces, even as the global balance of power remains in a state of flux. Though China is viewed by the West and the US in particular as the most significant long-term challenge, the Ukraine war has ensured that most of the Western efforts and resources are now directed at managing a crisis on the European periphery. Russia has once again bounced back as a serious threat in the consciousness of European policy elites.
Xi Jinping's Europe Visit Bolsters India's Strategic Position

Xi Jinping’s Europe Visit Bolsters India’s Strategic Position

The context of Xi's visit is burgeoning European desire to consolidate a European geopolitical salience When China’s supreme leader Xi Jinping recently toured Europe, he concluded assorted agreements with France, the more refined of the European Union’s twin hearts, Serbia, a candidate member of the EU, and Hungary, the EU’s perpetual bad boy, often friendlier with Moscow than with Brussels. It was seen as a triumph of Chinese diplomacy, designed to reinforce Europe’s resistance to American pressure to choke off the burgeoning Chinese lead in high-tech and otherwise isolate Beijing.