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Quadization of the Indo-Pacific

Anil Trigunayat QUAD (literally referred to as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) has emerged as a credible alignment of democracies while its focus from sheer security dimension has diversified to encompass the synergy of economy and technology to garner new and…

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A ‘Soft Position’ by the UN on China’s Uighur Camps

Srikanth Kondapalli The Uighur internment camps with an estimated 1 million incarcerated minorities in Xinjiang in China continue to prick the global conscience. The issue is snowballing into allegations of genocide, leading to renewed tensions between western countries and China. In addition, Uighur links to turbulent…

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A positive, practical QUAD Tokyo Summit

Srikanth Kondapalli The fourth meeting of the Quad leaders and their second in person meeting in the last one year was termed aptly as “positive and practical”. The Tokyo meeting of the United States, Japan, Australia and Indian leaders took…

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The pitfalls of Xi’s ‘Zero Covid’ policy

Srikanth Kondapalli China is reeling under a massive resurgence of the coronavirus, affecting an estimated 400 million people and their livelihoods. People are seething with anger, and China’s growth rate, currency, stock markets are all down. Major cities are witnessing…

Three Narratives on China’s Economic Miracle

The hegemony of China with a $25 trillion economy, making it the largest economy in the world, is consequential. Its exponential growth over the past few decades has made it contribute to the global environment significantly. As part of its series, The State of the Economy- #EconDialogue, #IMPRI Center for the Study of Finance and Economics, IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, organized the IMPRI #WebPolicyTalk with Prof. S. Ramakrishna Velamuri, on the Three Narratives on China’s Economic Miracle on January 13, 2022.