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Employment fallout from Covid mismanagement

Santosh Mehrotra The Covid-19 pandemic has only worsened what was already a joblessness crisis in early 2020. The third annual labour force survey (2019-20) by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), covering the period till June 30, 2020, told a…

Streamlining to energize the sluggish real estate sector

Real estate sector in India is currently experiencing one of its worst phases due to the rising levels of unsold inventory and prolonged lack of confidence and transparency.  End-users’ loss of affordability as well as reduced participation of the investor on account of falling returns on the asset class and stagnant real estate prices significantly disturb the demand-supply dynamics in the housing market.

Asymmetric Crime Dynamics and Social Interactions

IMPRI Team With the onset of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, the discourse on crime and crime against women specifically has gained significant momentum. In light of this, it becomes imperative to disentangle various factors that have contributed to…

Un-Pandemic Budget in the Pandemic Times

Devender Singh The budget this year does not give an impression that we are still amidst a pandemic; a pandemic, which has resulted in the loss of countless lives, liberty, and livelihoods. It seems to convey that the pandemic is…