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Taking Defence Beyond the Borders

The IMPRI Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies (CIRSS) IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi hosted an interactive panel discussion on the topic “The Defence, Foreign Policy and Union Budget 2023-24” on 7 February 2023, under the IMPRI 3rd Annual Series of Thematic Deliberations and Analysis of Union Budget 2023-24, as part of the State of International Affairs – #DiplomacyDialogue. The discussion was opened by the chair, Dr Simi Mehta who is currently serving as the CEO and Editorial Director of IMPRI. She began with a brief introduction of how Defence and Foreign Policy play a crucial role in the Indian Budget and how it impacts the geopolitics of India.

Defence and Union Budget

Budget made for capital expenditure must increase if India is to keep pace with China’s rising military might. India’s tumultuous and volatile strategic environment showed no signs of abating in intensity. New Delhi continues to face a two-front challenge from both of its primary foes, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Pakistan, notwithstanding the latter’s recent conciliatory overtures, which are only a smokescreen to tide over its dire economic vulnerabilities.

India and Africa: Exploring New Avenues for Defence Cooperation

India was probably the first country that not only supported the decolonization of Africa and Asia but established defence training institutes in several countries while providing them with requisite logistical and instructional material and assistance, creating defence cooperation Moreover, India has always stood for Africa with its ‘Share and Care’ approach and has collaborated in bilateral, regional, and sub-regional formats while becoming its voice at the UN, WTO, and WHO.