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China’s Rapprochement in the Indian Ocean Region

The latest Indian Ocean Forum is another way to challenge Indian influence and presence in the Indian Ocean. This is not China’s first attempt to corner India in its backyard. With the onset of Covid-19, Beijing has shaped multiple initiatives with other South Asian nations, excluding India, and has attempted to institutionalize them. These initiatives have focussed on post-pandemic recovery, enhancing connectivity, emergency supplies reserve, poverty alleviation, and e-commerce cooperation.

Taiwan’s Porcupine Strategy 

The Asian Century, with China’s emergence as a great power, has raised concern, excitement, and debates. Not only does China seek to have greater influence in the first chain islands but also develops the capability to push the US Navy beyond it. Time and again China has shown its willingness to use force, the Chinese Foreign Ministry for instance has stated that options other than peaceful negotiations were on the table. In this climate, recent developments have drawn the world’s attention to Taiwan and its deterrence strategy.