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Jan Vishwas Bill: 2022

The Jan Vishwas bill was recently passed and made into Law. It claimed to promote trust-based governance, ease of living and business, and enhancement of individual liberty. It attempts to do so by decriminalization of various offenses, periodic increase in penalties, and creation of new adjudicating officers overseeing penalties. As the Bill has recently been passed, we do not have empirical evidence of the policies. While the bill claim to achieve a lot, it isn’t entirely clear whether it is up to the challenge. There are also certain interesting changes made by the Jan Vishwas Bill, which may not entirely come under the ethos of the Bill. A critical analysis of the Bill, with arguments and evidence from various sources will helps us understand it better, and point out any possible concerns and flaws in the Bill.
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India lends helping hand to Sri Lanka

Harsh V. Pant Finally, the President of Sri Lanka, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, spoke, and he spoke under duress. After months of refusing to take decisive measures to stem the tide of impending economic and political collapse, the people of Sri Lanka…