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G20 Focus on Energy Transformation: Natural Gas Pathway to A Greener Economy

With the successful implementation of more LNG Terminals and pipelines, India is working towards delivering natural gas to every corner of India, making it available to a variety of domestic industries. In doing so, we are ensuring that a cleaner and more economically viable energy source can support our country’s energy needs.

Is India Squandering its Rotating G20 Presidency?

What should India get out of its G20 presidency, apart, of course, from countless dos all over the country to remind people, with their pomp, posters and streams of visitors from abroad, of India’s global leadership role?

In our current interconnected, interdependent world, coordination of national policies and actions is a must, to ensure mutual interaction results in productive coherence for the world at large rather than conflict. This calls for global platforms where leaders of the countries that matter can get together and agree on some things. G20 is the most important and most representative of such platforms.

The Current Status of Indian Foreign Policy with the G20 Presidency

The #IMPRI Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies (CIRSS), IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi conducted a Three-Day Immersive Online Certificate Training Course on ‘India’s G20 Presidency and the Contours of Indian Foreign Policy’ from March 14-16, 2023. Inaugurating the sessions, Mr Aashwash Mahanta, a researcher at IMPRI, welcomed the speakers and participants to the program with an introduction to the eminent panellists. The course was commenced and moderated by Dr Simi Mehta, CEO and Editorial Director at IMPRI, who highlighted our country’s pressing situation.

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict Ceaseless- What’s Next?

Even as Russia’s own Wagner Group Chairman has urged Putin to declare victory and ceasefire after Bakhmut and control of the region in the east strategically designed for control by the Russian planners, and China brought in 12 point peace plan, the observers do not really see an end to the war. Indian PM Narendra Modi has been urging both sides to ceasefire and return to dialogue as he chairs the G20 and has offered India’s assistance in doing so if the warring sides were ready, but there are no signs of ceasefire that one could see yet.