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Unlearning Gender: Masculinities and Queer Space in India and Beyond

An enlightening session on "Masculinities and Space in India and Beyond" was conducted as part of the "Simply Beyond Binaries" workshop. The session aimed to delve into the intricate connections between masculinity, queer studies, and gender studies. Dr. Debashis Mitra, an Assistant Professor, delivered an insightful presentation, providing a comprehensive overview of masculinity studies and its relevance in contemporary society.

Is the Vagabond Happy? Friendship, Family and Queerness

The workshop titled "Beyond Binaries: Understanding Sexual Identities and Queer Rights Issues in India" was a five-day immersive online certificate training course organized by the IMPRI Gender Impact Study Centre (GISC). The event featured an esteemed panel of experts who shared their expertise and experiences.

Gender Inequality in Global Eye Health

IMPRI Team It is estimated that 2.2 billion people around the world have some form of vision impairment, out of which 1 billion could have prevented it or have eye issues that are yet to be addressed In India alone,…

Historical Determinants of Gender Inequality

Historical Determinants of Gender Inequality

Although women are disadvantaged in different walks of life everywhere, they enjoy much better status in some societies than others. Perception regarding women’s rights and abilities vary starkly across countries. For instance, while only 1.8% and 5.2% of respondents of the World Values Survey[1] agree with the statements that “men make better political leaders than women do” and “men should have more right to a job than women in times of scarcity” in Iceland, the corresponding numbers are 89.4% and 83% for Egypt. The averages from over 130,000 responses from 83 countries for the two statements are 36.1% and 32.4%, respectively.

Historical Determinants of Gender Inequality

Simi Mehta, Ritika Gupta, Sunidhi Agarwal, Anshula Mehta, Nishi Verma Social attitudes toward women and their role in society show remarkable differences across countries, including those with similar institutions or economic development. To enquire how the historical factors affected gender inequality…