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Indo-Pacific in Focus: A Dialogue on Shared Security and Growth

An online certificate course on “Emerging dimensions of India’s foreign Policy and Global Politics” aimed to cover various topics concerned with Geopolitics and India’s role at the International podium organized by IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi. The day 1 of the program witnessed a session by our esteemed speaker, Professor Sanjay Chaturvedi introducing India’s special position in the UN Security Council with a special focus on the Indo-Pacific region.
Navigating Indo-Pacific Geopolitics: Wisdom for Future Policymakers

Navigating Indo-Pacific Geopolitics: Wisdom for Future Policymaker

IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute's Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies, IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, conducted online training course on Diplomacy and Foreign Policy. Day 4 of the session covered the theme Geopolitics of Indo-pacific. The session was led by Ambassador Shashank, (IFS, Retd.), Former Foreign Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, India

The West’s China Consensus Is Shifting: What Does This Mean for the Future?

In this age when geopolitics is in an overdrive, several assumptions of the past about the global order’s evolving nature have fallen by the wayside. The world is grappling with multiple challenges and yet there is no framework in place as of now that allows us to assess the rapid change in any meaningful manner. Nations, big and small, are struggling to cope with this flux with extant institutions, both domestic and international, exposing their limitations with each passing day. New ideas and arguments are being tested in real time as new possibilities emerge for countries trying to retain their strategic space to manoeuvre.

The New Geopolitical Order: How India is becoming a key player in the world stage?

What determines the ardour of the West’s wooing of India? Wherever India’s Prime Minister goes, he is feted, wooed, coddled. What explains this ‘rock star’ treatment? For the supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the answer is quite simple: his unparalleled charisma and popular support. For those not so adept at such thinking, a more rational explanation is in order. One can be found in the ongoing flux in geopolitics and the desperate search for a new world order, in which the West hopes to retain advantage, even if to a lower degree than it has had in the past.