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India's Growing Influence on the Global Stage

India’s Growing Influence on the Global Stage

In the last few days, global engagements have underscored the rapidly evolving balance of power in the international order. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Russia has sparked a lot of commentary about the implications of the two nations coming together in unprecedented ways. What had once seemed a distinct possibility to many is now fast becoming an indisputable reality that can no longer be ignored. The tectonic plates of global politics are shifting rapidly, and with it ushering in changes that have long been talked about, with many hoping against hope that they can be avoided. But a Russia-China axis is likely to bring a transformative effect on the international system. This cannot be denied.
India's Foreign Trade will lead to Global economic Order

India’s Foreign Trade Policy will lead the Global Economic Order

India’s desire to reconfigure the global balance of power is predicated on its ability to become an indispensable element in the global economic order. Thus, it is not surprising that the new foreign trade policy seems to shed the reticence of the past Even as the global economic order continues to face multiple challenges that show no signs of abating anytime soon, the Indian economy has shown great resilience. It has come out of the Covid-19 pandemic in much better shape than most other big economies and its growth trajectory has maintained an upward trend despite problems emanating on the geopolitical and geo-economic front virtually on a regular basis. As the IMF has suggested, India continues to remain a relative “bright spot” in the world economy with the Indian economy alone contributing 15% of the global growth in 2023.