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Public Policy Drivers.

Public Policy Drivers

After the brief introduction by Fiza Mahajan, Researcher at IMPRI of Shri Bhartendra Singh Baswan, Former Secretary, Department of Secondary and Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. He discussed the concept of Public Policy Drivers by delving into the process of policymaking that starts with consulting the policymakers who prepare a white paper that is presented in the legislation and on the contrary opposition prepares the black paper. After detailed discussion, a committee from where ministries are formulated after rational discussions and shredding out the nitty gritty policies are finally implemented at ground level.
baby formula

Baby Formula & Globalisation

TK Arun After the pandemic disrupted global supply chains and created shortages in markets far removed from the site of infections, localisation and nearshoring became the mantra of management gurus. Opponents of globalisation counted their proposition as self-evident. An ongoing severe…