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Societal and Structural Flaws Proved by Hathras Incident: Martin Macwan

In light of this, the Gender Impact Studies Center (GISC) at Impact and Policy Research Institute (IMPRI), Counterview, GenDev Centre for Research and Innovation, City Makers Mission International, and Delhi Post News organized a Special Talk with Mr Martin Macwan- an eminent Dalit Rights Activist as part of its #WebPolicyTalk – The State of Gender Equality: #GenderGaps on October 21, 2020, titled “The Heinousness of many Hathras amid the Pandemic – Voluntarism, the Way Ahead for Combating Caste and Gender-based Violence”.

Disastrous Decade for Data

Disastrous decade for data
he daunting challenges concerning data posed by the CAA-NPR-NRC debate have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and Recession. The reluctance of the government to release official data needs to be resolved urgently. As India unlocks, postponement of NPR and only doing the first phase of the 2021 census work will be a logical step to ensure that the census does not suffer from the limited window during which the entire work is expected to be completed.
Arjun Kumar IMPRI