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Climate Change and Economic Opportunities in Pakistan

Climate Change and Its Implication for the Economy in Pakistan

In a captivating and intellectually stimulating session led by the distinguished Dr. Jabir Syed, an accomplished Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at COMSATS University, Islamabad, Pakistan, a comprehensive exploration of the dire and far-reaching consequences of climate change on Pakistan's economy and its multifaceted sectors unfolded. Pakistan, a nation ranked among the top five most vulnerable to the ravages of climate change, has found itself ensnared in the clutches of an intensifying climate crisis over the past two decades. This crisis has manifested through a litany of harrowing events, including cataclysmic floods, meteoric temperature spikes, and erratic weather patterns, all of which have wrought havoc upon the country's socioeconomic tapestry.
Climate Change Asessment and Economics Impact

Climate Change Assessment and Economic Impacts

Professor Rekha Nianthi, a distinguished academic from the Department of Geography at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, delivered an enlightening presentation that meticulously examined the multifaceted dimensions of climate change and its profound economic implications, with a special focus on the Indian subcontinent and various Asian nations. Her insightful discourse commenced with a clear definition of climate change, characterizing it as a protracted shift in long-term temperature and weather patterns primarily driven by the burning of fossil fuels, which releases greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.
Climate Change and Economic Opportunites in South Asia

Climate Change and Economic Opportunities in South Asia

In a world where the profound challenges posed by climate change cast a long shadow over our future, the wisdom and expertise of scholars like Professor Joyashree Roy become invaluable. Professor Roy, holding the prestigious Bangabandhu Chair Professorship and serving as the Director of the Centre on South and South East Asia Multidisciplinary Applied Research Network at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand, offers a sweeping and insightful perspective on the complex interplay between climate change and the economic opportunities that emerge within the dynamic region of South Asia.
Challenges Faced by India Technologically to be at Par with Developed Nations.

Challenges Faced by India Technologically to be at Par with Developed Nations

For a developed India, bulkier investment and technological changes are required to keep up in the race with other developed nations. In doing so, the country should not be afraid of failure. After all, Chandrayaan 3 was made possible by the lessons from the failure of Chandrayaan 2.
Agricultural Reforms in India @75

Agricultural Reforms in India @75

A Four-Week Immersive Online Introductory Certificate Training Course and An Online Spring School Program on Fundamentals of PUBLIC POLICY were conducted by IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi. An informative talk about 'Agricultural Reforms in India@75’ was delivered by Dr A Amarender Reddy, Principal Scientist (Agricultural Economics), ICAR- Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad.