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As the Israel-Hamas Situation Escalates, Indian Diplomacy Feels the Strain

As tensions continue to escalate in the Middle East, diplomacy too has picked up pace with US President Joe Biden deciding to visit Israel to assess Israeli plans. After the attack on a Gaza hospital last night left 500 dead and amid reports of an impending Israeli ground offensive, there are growing concerns about the humanitarian toll and its long term costs. 
RBIs Monetary Policy Committee Creates a Welcome Breathing Space

The Persistence of India’s Angel Tax: A Menace to Startups and the Need for Reform

Angel and tax combine as naturally as do gold and rust, or, say, deer and hyena. That, of course, is in the real world. In the world of Indian taxation, things are a bit different. The so-called Angel Tax, introduced in 2012, has undergone various bits of cosmetic surgery, in order to make this grotesque mutant look less threatening, but it remains a menace to Indian startups. The latest attempt to soothe frayed nerves in the startup universe has been a clarification that bars the tax from haunting the premises of startups recognised by the department for promotion of industry and internal trade. Instead of pulling a fang or blunting a claw of this tax monster, what needs to be done is to slay it once and for all
Two Mergers and Future Alerts for Carbon Capture, Use Technologies and Gaming

Two Mergers and Future Alerts for Carbon Capture, Use Technologies and Gaming

TK Arun Over the last week, there have been two big corporate mergers whose significance we would do well to appreciate. ›ExxonMobil’s acquisition of Pioneer Natural Resources, a shale oil biggie in the Permian Basin, for $59.5 billion. ›Microsoft’s acquisition…

Science, Technology and Public Policy in India

Science, Technology and Public Policy

With topics ranging from enhancing competence in public financial management, and designing public policies to achieve citizen centric outcomes to managing India’s urbanization while balancing environmental goals, A One- Month Immersive Online Intermediate Certificate Training Course titled ‘Contours of Public Policy in India in the Amrit Kaal’, was conducted by IMPRI (Impact and Policy Research Institute from September 1 to September 30, 2023. Catering to a diverse audience, the course aims to provide participants with a unique understanding of the challenges faced in contemporary governance from numerous perspectives involving economics, foreign policy, the role of media and civil society, and feminism in policy making, equipping them with the tools required to tackle policy issues.