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The Missing Indian Professional CEO in India

The Missing Indian Professional CEO in India

T K Arun Missing markets for corporate control and corporate debt make the non-promoter CEO rare in India The sublime and the ridiculous both attend on the celebrity the Indian middle-class showers on people of Indian origin who are anointed…

Tax Reforms and The Intention of The Government

Keeping the state of public finances and the accountability at the center, Center for the Study of Finance and Economics (CSFE), IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute organized a #WebPolicyTalk on “Tax reforms and intentions of the government”.

The Indian Economy in the 1970s era

The year 1971 was marked with several ‘big victories’ – in politics, cricket and in war – all of which had long term implications for India. The national mood was buoyant, even if the country continued to struggle with endemic problems. Fifty years later, we look back at those times and evoke some of that mood. In a series of articles, leading writers recall and analyse key events and processes that left their mark on a young, struggling but hopeful nation.

Surviving the Pandemic: Time to Boost MSMEs Sector

Balwant Singh Mehta, I. C. Awasthi, Simi Mehta, Bharat Singh, Soumyadip Chattopadhyay, Nitin Tagade, Rahul Ranjan, Arjun Kumar MSME sector is the second largest employment creator after agriculture in the country and provides employment to 120 million people through 36…