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Resisting Populist Authoritarianism: Strategies Employed by Indian Farmers

Farmers Movement and the Populist Authoritarianism in India

Counterstrategies need not merely emotionalise protest but to also revolutionise emotions. They need to dig deep into everyday ethics, their presence in common sense, and modes of normative evaluation. This is what happened during the Indian farmers' protests. Three years after they erupted, Ajay Gudavarthy takes a look at the successful mobilisation that managed to make a dent in India's authoritarian regime
Revitalizing Bilateral Relations PM Modi's UAE Visit Sparks New Vigor

Revitalizing Bilateral Relations: PM Modi’s UAE Visit Sparks New Vigor

Strengthening cooperation in the cross-border payment systems by enabling integration of transactions between the UAE and India more efficiently, PM Modi's latest UAE visit witnessed the signing of a landmark MoU between the Reserve Bank of India and the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates to promote the use of local currencies --rupee and dirham-- for cross border transactions. This cooperation will also include the mutual acceptance of domestic card schemes by interlinking national card switches.
A Comparative Analysis of India's Economic Progress Under Nehru and Modi

A Comparative Analysis of India’s Economic Progress Under Nehru and Modi

Mr. Modi entered tenth year of his rule over India as PM on May 26. Nehru passed away 59 years back as PM on May 27. Mr. Modi has been highly critical of Nehru. Worse, he implies that India has only progressed in the last 9 years under his rule. This propaganda has gone deep down and is accepted by his followers. The BJP highlighted Mr. Modi’s achievements on the occasion while the Congress Party issued a booklet questioning them.

Modi’s Successful Visit to the US Leaves China Uneasy

China has been watching Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States this week. There are many stakes for China in the emerging US-India strategic partnership. These range from the emerging power distribution at regional and global orders to addressing supply chain and technology disruptions caused by the Global Financial Crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic and the current Ukraine conflict.