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Defence and Union Budget

Defence and Union Budget

Budget made for capital expenditure must increase if India is to keep pace with China's rising military might. India’s tumultuous and volatile strategic environment showed no signs of abating in intensity. New Delhi continues to face a two-front challenge from both of its primary foes, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Pakistan, notwithstanding the latter’s recent conciliatory overtures, which are only a smokescreen to tide over its dire economic vulnerabilities.
Pakistan's Exit from FATF Grey List

Pakistan’s Exit from FATF Grey List

Pakistani establishment must be happy at the Diwali gift when they were moved out of the so-called ‘Grey List’ of the FATF ( Financial Action Task Force) to the so-called white List after four years or so when the onus of proof for terror financing and money laundering rested on their ill-gotten laurels. Islamabad has had that unique distinction couple of times before. But this was the longest and perhaps more painful as the economy of Pakistan has continued to deteriorate both due to natural and man-made causes.
Terrorism: An Unflinching Danger

Terrorism: An Unflinching Danger

As both India and Pakistan celebrate the 75th anniversary of their independence, unfortunately, Pakistan is identified as the progenitor and a safe haven for terrorism and global terrorists stalking and staring at the world with impunity due to state patronage. Pakistan itself claims to be the victim of terrorism and flashes out statistics to prove it. But it forgets that if you nurture those mercenaries, they will come to bite you back.

The Cycle of Democratic Crisis in Pakistan

Gouri Sankar Nag, Manas Mukul Bandyopadhyay The beagle of retreat of democracy in Pakistan sounds loud with Imran’s exit on 10th April and that is precisely what is really happening now in the ‘garrison state’. Hence our purpose here is…

Pakistan’s Democracy Dance

Famous Cricketer turned politician Imran Khan, the erstwhile Prime Minister of Pakistan, has been stumped by the opposition and the army in this Establishmentarian Democracy. Although over time almost all Prime Ministers fell out of the real proxy ruler’s favor and could never complete their full tenure, Imran Khan became the first one to be booted out through a ‘No Trust vote ‘. Benazir Bhutto and Shaukat Aziz had survived the no-confidence vote.