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Implications of Russia-Ukraine War for India

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is unlike the many ongoing conflicts in various parts of the world – whether in Arab countries or in Africa or between India and China. A military superpower, Russia, has decided to invade Ukraine which is backed to a certain extent by the US and NATO. While the latter have repeatedly stated that they will not send their troops to defend Ukraine, they are imposing tough sanctions against Russia and its rulers.

Soaring Inequalities: Questioning the Unaddressed Challenges of the Union Budget 2022-23

The Union Budget 2022-23 was expected to take steps to tackle the problem of inadequacy of demand so that the economy’s rate of growth could be accelerated. This problem has persisted and had led to the rate of growth slowing down in the last four years. In turn, this problem is linked to the growing inequality in the country, which has been highlighted by several recent reports. The latest report is from the non-profit think tank People’s Research on India’s Consumer Economy [PRICE]. It shows not only the aggravation of inequality but also of poverty since 60 per cent at the bottom who were already poor or close to the poverty line lost incomes.