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russia-ukraine war

India’s G20 Presidency: Promoting Oneness and Prosperity

India formally took over the baton of the G20 Presidency from Indonesia which started for one year from December 1, 2022. At the time of acceptance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated that “The world is looking at the G-20 with hope. Today, I want to assure that India’s G-20 presidency will be inclusive, ambitious, decisive, and action-oriented. Over the next one year, we will strive to ensure that the G-20 acts as a global prime mover to envision new ideas and accelerate collective action.” This was extremely important and flagged a dismal reality of a transitional global order and severe global challenges implicit in prevailing fragmentation, protectionism, and unilateralism in international discourse.

Inflation: The End of Nigh

China will exit Zero Covid and freezing Europe will force Ukraine to sue for peace.
In Europe, where anger against high prices has triggered political upheavals, leading to the mainstreaming of right-wing politics in Italy, Sweden, and France, strikes for higher wages that promise to entrench inflation and depress growth, and persistent demands for fuel subsidies. This spells the beginning of the end of the war in Ukraine.