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India's Reliance on Russia Tested by China's Growing Influence

India’s Reliance on Russia Tested by China’s Growing Influence

As the world order continues to evolve, key players are reconfiguring their policies as a response. The West is being challenged internally as domestic aspirations change under the onslaught of global forces, even as the global balance of power remains in a state of flux. Though China is viewed by the West and the US in particular as the most significant long-term challenge, the Ukraine war has ensured that most of the Western efforts and resources are now directed at managing a crisis on the European periphery. Russia has once again bounced back as a serious threat in the consciousness of European policy elites.
The Rise of Russia and China Due to the Declining Influence of the US in West Asia

The Rise of Russia and China Due to the Declining Influence of the US in West Asia

As the US and the West are stuck in the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas wars, apart from the ongoing energy crisis and cuts, President Putin (on December 6) dashed to Abu Dhabi and Riyadh to meet and deliberate with UAE President Sheikh Zayed al-Nahyan and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), then quickly back to Moscow to meet Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi (on December 7) overtly to discuss the deteriorating situation in Gaza. Putin is not too fond of travelling abroad let alone the current ICC warrant against him. Hence this visit acquires a special strategic significance in terms of symbolism and substance. A grand welcome also awaited him.

BRICS at a Crossroads: Shifting Fault Lines and Emerging Challenges

BRICS has little to show by way of achievement even as fault lines within it sharpen, with China and Russia trying to convert its geo-economic orientation into a patently anti-West one. In subsequent years, the BRICS goal of gaining a stronger voice in the international financial system essentially provided the five countries with two possibilities: challenging versus reforming global governance.

Ukraine’s Decisive Moment in the Global Order

Ukraine’s president, Vo­l­odymyr Zelensky, made it clear recently that the much-awaited cou­nter-offensive of his na­tion against Russia has beg­un. With this, the war in Uk­raine has entered a new phase: some are anticipating a dangerous escalation while others view this as an opportunity to start a negotiating process to bring some sort of conclusion to the conflict.