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India and it's balancing affairs

India and it’s balancing affairs

India has been under immense diplomatic pressure over the war in Ukraine with coinciding visits by Daleep Singh (US Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics), Liz Truss (UK Foreign Secretary) and Sergey Lavrov (Russian Foreign Minister).
India's Stance on Global Issues

India’s Stance on Global Issues

The Ukraine crisis has emerged as another major challenge and instigator for the ongoing transition in the much-stressed global order or disorder depending on the way one looks at it. The Russian invasion or ‘special military operation’ as Moscow terms it, was a combination and culmination of the ideological contest, political beliefs, real politics and disregard for genuine concerns, entitlement and abdication of diplomatic paths. It was often perceived that the next big war would happen in Asia as the unbridled growth of China and its military-economic ambitions would herald a situation where confrontation was the eventual outcome.
Economic Repercussions of the Russia-Ukraine War

Economic Repercussions of the Russia-Ukraine War

T K Arun How will the war in Ukraine affect the global economy and India’s growth? Higher energy prices, higher food prices, higher yields across the board, flight of capital from emerging markets, and slower growth are the obvious threats.…