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Will sanctions on Russia work?

Arun Kumar Western sanctions against Russia will cause some disruptions in the Russian economy, but won’t hurt it too much. In the medium-to-long term, they are likely to enhance the relationships between Russia and China THE rich nations supporting Ukraine in…

The Calculated Move India’s Diplomacy for the Ongoing Crisis

The Calculated Move: India’s diplomacy for the Ongoing Crisis

The international community has been intensely scrutinising India’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The United States has desired India to play a constructive role by influencing President Vladimir Putin to put an end to his military intervention in Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has urged India to help restore normalcy by engaging in talks with Putin. While Russia has asked nothing of India, it has showered praise on India for its balanced role in view of its abstention from the UN Security Council Resolutions: One condemning the Russian military action, and the other calling for an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly to discuss the Ukrainian crisis.
The Game of Stakes Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The Game of Stakes: Russian Invasion of Ukraine

As Russian aggression against Ukraine drags on, there is a palpable sense that the world has entered a more dangerous phase. Russian President Vladimir Putin has unleashed mayhem not only in Ukraine but has also transformed the landscape of European security that will have reverberations far and wide. What started as a smart game of diplomatic manoeuvring by Putin has turned into an urban siege where whatever the Russian leader may or may not achieve on the battlefield will result in him losing significantly over the long term. Tactical, and even operational, success is likely to yield little strategic gain for Russia as nations around the world assess the impact of one of the most profound shifts in global security in decades.
Expected Disquietude: India's Concerns amidst the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Expected Disquietude: India’s Concerns amidst the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

While the eyes of the world are focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, here in India our gaze remains fixed on China – even as the positions of India and China at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), on the need for dialogue and diplomacy over conflict and casualties and regard for sovereignty, and security concerns for all, are broadly similar.

Implications of Russia-Ukraine War for India

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is unlike the many ongoing conflicts in various parts of the world – whether in Arab countries or in Africa or between India and China. A military superpower, Russia, has decided to invade Ukraine which is backed to a certain extent by the US and NATO. While the latter have repeatedly stated that they will not send their troops to defend Ukraine, they are imposing tough sanctions against Russia and its rulers.