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Rising Psychotropic Drug Chitta Addiction in Shimla Claiming Lives

Four young men died from an overdose of the psychotropic drug Chitta—three different synthetic, adulterated forms of heroin-diacetylmorphine—in two localities in Shimla in 10 days between the end of November to the beginning of December this year. All four were less than 25 years of age.
Shimla Development Plan 2041: Not an impressive plan

Shimla Development Plan 2041: Not an impressive plan

Tikender Singh Panwar and Deepika Saxena The plan’s failure to address the specific development requirements for hilly topographies as well as Shimla’s rich architectural heritage is among the many drawbacks of the new draft development plan. Shimla, the erstwhile capital…

The Unnecessary Jargon of Ease of Living Index

Tikender Singh Panwar O Delhie Mahra Pahda ra dil Shimla, mahra desha ra dil, o delhie, mahre desha ra dil Shimla, is a pahari (Mountain) dialect song sung across the state of Himachal Pradesh since long. Meaning, that “ hey…