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Beijing Peace Plan

Beijing Peace Plan

At the Munich Security Conference on February 18, Wang Yi (Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs) emphasized that “Human Society must not repeat the old path of antagonism and must not fall into the trap of Zero-sum game, war and conflict”. Therein he announced that the Chinese side would propose its position on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis. On February 24, the Chinese Foreign Ministry released its 12-point peace plan.

Huge Oil Victory for Russia from Ukraine

TK Arun Putin, playing for geopolitical gains, not just economic benefits, wants the world to recognize Russia as a global power. From being obsessed with Xi Jinping and China as the rivals that matter, the Western world has focused on…

The Ukraine dilemma

Harsh V. Pant The ongoing tussle is germane to the geopolitical mapping of future Europe Russia and the West continue to jostle over Ukraine. Eerily reminiscent of the geopolitical tussle during the Cold War, major powers are busy competing over…