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Mr. Tikender Singh Panwar provides a historical perspective on the development of cities in India, highlighting the evolution of urbanization, governance structures, and urban design. He begins with ancient civilizations, such as Mohenjo-Daro, emphasizing that even in these early times, urban planning and architectural skills were evident. He points out that early cities in India were not necessarily ruled by a single autocrat but had participatory and democratic elements.

Urban Renaissance: A Glorious Resurgence for India’s Cities

India is at the cusp of rapid urbanization and by 2035, 43.2 per cent of its population will be living in cities. As urbanization has advanced, there has been discussion and concern over its challenges and how these might possibly be approached and responded to. India’s G20 presidency provides a unique opportunity to spearhead policy changes required to make the cities engines of economic growth.

Reimagining Cultural Integrities of a Historic Urban Center

Manoj Parmar The historic urban areas of Indian cities are experiencing higher gentrification and urbanization pressures causing rapid urban transformations. The vulnerable natural resources and livelihood patterns of these historic areas are compromised in the planning process.  The increasing insensitive…