Our Capabilities

Despite being a relatively young institution, the IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute team comprising advisors, mentors and researchers is very expansive. This brings together their experience, expertise and enthusiasm, which we believe is necessary to undertake and succeed in any activity.

The IMPRI Capability Document (early 2020) humbly details the capabilities of Impact and Policy Research Institute (IMPRI) as a think tank pursuing evidence-based and action-based policy research. It lists the projects undertaken by the Institute, provides a snapshot of some articles published along with the thematic areas of our work.

Below is the pitch for IMPRI as a startup research think tank:

The Problem at hand

The need for authentic research and demonstrable evidence to generate careful government and non-government responses on critical challenges of regional, national and international development cannot be underestimated. These have their direct implications on policy formulation and implementation, which in turn directly affects the lives of the people, notably in areas like education, affordable housing, basic amenities, agriculture, food and nutrition security, energy security, gender justice, governance, water and sanitation, international politics and foreign policy, and inclusive and sustainable development. Pursuing ethical, independent and non-partisan research is our forte, where we specialize in evidence-based knowledge creation.

What sets us apart

That the principles of being ethical, independent and non-partisan may be common for think tanks, but those actually living up to these ideals are rare. IMPRI upholds these values as sacrosanct and renders its services of policy research, consultation workshops, impact assessment, and monitoring and evaluation. The uniqueness of IMPRI is that these services are sensitive to the widespread social challenges, and it aims to incorporate solutions, policy recommendations, and ways forward in line with the objectives of an inclusive society. While IMPRI aims to be listed in the Global Go To Think Tank List, it aims to do so through its hard work and demonstrated abilities to deliver tasks, and not through short-cuts in the process.

The solution we provide

Having an extensive research background comprising primary and secondary research methodologies (both qualitative and quantitative), the IMPRI team bridges the gap in information collection to final reporting and dissemination by : a) developing well-designed tools and mechanisms to generate genuine data, b) formulating primary surveys founded on empirical and theoretical methods, c) research reporting by highest editorial standards, and d) mobilizing key stakeholders from the academia, government, private sector, and the civil society. We are also part of consortia of the public policy wings of various corporate houses, where we engage as a specialist organisation for conducting research, monitoring and evaluation, and impact assessment.

Onward and upward!

IMPRI aims to enhance and strengthen the degree of state capacity and political will for desired socio-economic transformation. For each of its services, one of the aims is to bridge the gap between policy and population, which we work towards through the following: Thematic seminars, workshops, conferences, consultations, lectures, and training and capacity building sessions Networking and Research Consultancy Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns Creative Content Writing, Editorial Support and Creative Design Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Support

How we Earn

Through meticulous client-specific management, strategic consulting services through innovative research, knowledge management using various research methods, data analytics, survey techniques, econometric and modeling exercises, statistical and geographic information systems (GIS) tools, and so on. Amongst our priorities are qualitative and quantitative research and action-based results through extensive activities on information collection, generation, and analysis.

Thus, the business of IMPRI rests on research projects, grant awards, fundraising for thematic issues, programs and advocacy, events, degree programs, consultancy, on-demand services, customized projects, etc. Our potential partners include all levels of governments and administration, multilateral organizations, non-government and research organizations, and corporate entities – both domestic and international. Our key deliverables would be to fulfill their precise requirements such as research support, analysis, conducting studies, monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment of various policies and programs to ensure accountability, transparency with the aim to be humanitarian drivers of sustainable prosperity for all.