Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies

Aligned to the broader goals of IMPRI, CIRSS would provide a platform for exchange of perspectives and encourage the scholars and affiliates to delve on policy-relevant global challenges.

About the Centre


Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies (CIRSS) at IMPRI has been set up with the aim to research, discuss and debate on a wide range of subjects having their implications beyond frontiers, namely: comparative politics, geopolitics, geo-economics, security and strategic studies, international relations and organization, foreign policy and diplomacy.

The work and expertise of CIRSS-affiliated scholars would inform public opinion, policy and decision-making, regional and international organizations. CIRSS is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion among its current and prospective scholars, associates and visitors. Freedom of opinion and respect for constructive criticism would continue to have our unwavering support.

The Center’s programs, activities and projects would be demonstrated through cutting-edge and innovative research, precise analysis, creativity, media outreach and publications, reflecting a respect for a peaceful world order.

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Centre's Flagship #WebPolicyTalk

#IMPRI CIRSS is conducting a #WebPolicyTalk series called The State of International Affairs – #DiplomacyDialogue with Dr Simi Mehta, CEO and Editorial Director, IMPRI, where she engages with experts on issues in the realm of diplomacy, foreign policy, international affairs and geopolitics.

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