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The #IMPRI South Asia Studies Center (SASC) provides in-depth and expert insights into the history, civilization, geography, economy, societal structures, and politics of the countries of the South Asian region, namely: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In each of these aspects, it would foster intellectual curiosity through evidence-based and action-based research.

The mandate of the SASC is to encourage a balanced, big-picture analysis of the South Asian region. Towards this, the major activities of the Center include: evidence-based and action-based policy research; dialogues, seminars and conferences; research internships for undergraduate students, and; dissemination of research findings in the media.

We encourage interdisciplinary collaborations and invite interested and like-minded institutions and researchers working on projects related to South Asia to partner with us to bolster creative and innovative research outputs for a peaceful South Asia.

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Centre's Flagship #WebPolicyTalk

The State of Economic Development in South Asia

The series involves policy discussions and examination at the cross-country level, especially at South Asia level as all these are affected due to COVID-19, maybe at varied dimensions and intensity. This discussion series will explore the areas of national and international policies in economic development and trade. The series explores the role of governance, corporations, civil society, the populace, and other actors in realizing an equitable society.

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