South Asia Studies Center (SASC)

South Asian Studies Center SASC IMPRI
Image by Farida Ridhwan from Pixabay

About the Center

The #IMPRI South Asia Studies Center (SASC) provides in-depth and expert insights into the history, civilization, geography, economy, societal structures, and politics of the countries of the South Asian region, namely: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In each of these aspects, it would foster intellectual curiosity through evidence-based and action-based research.

The mandate of the SASC is to encourage a balanced, big-picture analysis of the South Asian region. Towards this, the major activities of the Center include: evidence-based and action-based policy research; dialogues, seminars and conferences; research internships for undergraduate students, and; dissemination of research findings in the media.

We encourage interdisciplinary collaborations and invite interested and like-minded institutions and researchers working on projects related to South Asia to partner with us to bolster creative and innovative research outputs for a peaceful South Asia.

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Images Courtesy: Hadynyah via iStock, Getty Images; Farida Ridhwan from Pixabay