Center for Work and Welfare (CWW)

About the Center

Center for Work and Welfare at IMPRI aims to bring cutting-edge and innovative research on critical areas of welfare of human beings, namely, health and safety, education, work and livelihoods, wellbeing, equity and diversity, and explore 21st century solutions to the challenges facings these areas. It seeks to bridge the gap between research, practice and policy to assist in meeting the demands of a constantly changing nature of work.

The Centre’s flagship event is the #WebPolicyTalk series, The State of Employment and Livelihoods – #EmploymentDebate.

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CWW’s mandate includes:

  • Conducting research projects, evaluations and impact assessments on workplace policies and practices and their impact on the workers;
  • Designing, informing and influencing workplaces and public policy for enhancing work experiences;
  • Disseminating evidence-based research that would help improve working conditions for both employees and employers;
  • Organizational capacity-building to assist organizations in adopting an integrated approach, by conducting training programs for working professionals.

The overall aim is to advance economic justice through evidence-based and action-based policy research to foster debates on incomes and wages as well as economic opportunity. Through its various research activities, discussions, seminars and conferences, CWW would draw the attention of the employers, policymakers, practitioners, service providers, and civil society organizations in moving towards higher-wage jobs; improving career options, and designing and evaluating public policies towards higher economic growth.

The State of Employment and Livelihoods – #EmploymentDebate

#IMPRI CWW is carrying out a #WebPolicyTalk series called The State of Employment and Livelihoods – #EmploymentDebate to engage with experts on issues in the realm of employment, livelihoods, and welfare.

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YouTube Playlist for The State of Employment and Livelihoods – #EmploymentDebate:


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