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Insights, a blog published by IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, seeks to promote the ingenuity of ideas, evidence-based analysis, constructive critical thinking, and theoretically grounded articles.

We have a firm conviction that the smallest of ideas can be instrumental in bringing about the desired social, economic, and political transformation, which has the potential to lead toward inclusive and sustainable development, prosperity and peace in the world.

We publish articles that have relevance to impact and policy research from a diverse set of experts and practices.

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The views expressed belong to the author(s). We will reserve the right to edit the document for contact, fact-checking, plagiarism, and content which could be derogatory or could incite hate. We also reserve the right to deny publication to articles that can be seen as self-promoting; this is not an advertisement portal. 

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To provide a space to the young voice of India, we have created an ancillary to IMPRI Insights, Policy Updates, that provides our researchers with a platform to analyse, examine and critique the policies to present a nuanced, multi-directional view towards nation-building.

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