The Institute

IMPRI, a startup research think tank, is a platform for pro-active, independent, non-partisan and policy-based research. It contributes to debates and deliberations for action-based solutions to a host of strategic issues. IMPRI is committed to democracy, mobilization and community building.

IMPRI seeks to confront the most critical challenges to issues of socio-economic, political and environmental importance through qualitative and quantitative analysis. The analytical framework is strengthened through three types of activities, namely:

Enabling Evidence-Driven ResearchThe Institute’s core strength lies in the interdisciplinary network of diverse and eminent scholars, research professionals with a commitment to conduct cutting-edge research, evidence-based impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation, and advocacy. Cost-effective and intense precision in analysis is its forté.

Accelerating Transparent, Accountable, and Effective GovernanceIMPRI collaborates with the government, academic and research institutions, NGOs, businesses and the civil society for research and advocacy for transparent and accountable governance.

Fostering Multi-Stakeholder Policy ConversationsUnderlying IMPRI’s work is a strong commitment to good governance, rule-of-law, tolerance, a market economy, and democratic principles. By leveraging its research, it facilitates the engagement of an informed citizenry with academia, industry and the government through seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures, extensive media presence.

We aim to create a benchmark for the analysis of evidence-based and action-based studies using advanced research methods, and developing innovative techniques for gathering, handling, processing and analyzing data. The multidisciplinary areas of research include: Agriculture, Food & Nutrition Security and Rural Development; Economy and Infrastructure; Entrepreneurship, ICT and Innovation; Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development; Gender, Pluralism & Social Inclusion; Governance and Law; International Relations and Strategic Studies; Livelihoods, Employment and Well-being; Public Finances and Macroeconomics; Society, Literature, Arts, Sports and Culture; Urbanization, Habitat, Transportation and Regional Development; Social Sector; Science and Technology, and; Public Policies, Programs and Schemes.

Founded in 2018, IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute has an explicit mandate and commitment to gender mainstreaming. Having integrated gender equity and equality as permanent considerations in our overall approach, we set a good example by implementing gender mainstreaming in their our work routines, decision-making processes and all other activities.

IMPRI is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India (GoI) as a Private Limited Company with the Company Name- Impact and Policy Research Institute (OPC) Private Limited. It is a GoI-recognized startup (DIPP23738) think-tank for evidence-based policy research, established in May 2018. It is registered in Jharkhand and has offices in Ranchi and New Delhi (Headquarters). IMPRI is also registered by the Ministry of Micro, Medium and Small Enterprises (Udyog Aadhaar Number: JH20E0016128 and Udyam Registration Number: UDYAM-JH-20-0005877).

It has been incubated by NEXUS: The Innovation Hub at the American Centre, New Delhi by the IC2 Institute of University of Texas at Austin, Texas, supported by the US Government.

In 2020, IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute Foundation, Delhi, India was registered as a not-for-profit entity (Section 8 Licence Number 122542) with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India (GoI) (CIN: U85300DL2020NPL374438). It is also recognized by GoI as a startup (DIPP73690) and is also registered by the Ministry of Micro, Medium and Small Enterprises (Udyam Registration Number: UDYAM-DL-08-0008313). IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute Foundation is registered with NITI Aayog NGO Darpan (NGO ID: DL/2021/0273461). It is registered for undertaking CSR activities by the Registrar of Companies and the Registration number is CSR00017595. It is a 12A registered organization and donations/contributions are eligible for up to 50% tax benefit under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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IMPRI Foundation Bank Account Details:

IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute Foundation
Bank A/C: 920010074558708
Bank Name: Axis Bank
Branch: Vasant Square, Delhi
IFS Code: UTIB0003155
Swift Code: AXISINBB119
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