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Center for Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CECCSD) at IMPRI is built on the underlying belief that human beings exist because there is a harmony with the natural ecosystem. The latter responds patiently to human activities and the moment they trespass their limitations, it ‘reacts’: thereby instructing the humans to respect the environment and its resources- the flora, fauna, air and marine. It is therefore indispensable to understand and address the interlinked challenges to the environment and the need for its sustainability for comprehensive human, societal, national and global development. The work at CECCSD pivots around multidisciplinary research on the environment for sustainable development. It seeks to harness the food-water-energy nexus in environmental research for the well-being of the people at the grassroots and socio-economic development.

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It does so by strengthening the knowledge and scholarship in theoretical and practical insights in the quest for equitable and sustainable solutions to far-reaching impacts of environmental changes. The overall aim is to improve societal knowledge and capacity through climate change and environmental issues; renewable energy; soil, agriculture, food and water security; bio-diversity and international environmental institutions and agreements.

CECCSD Mandate

Centre’s Flagship #WebPolicyTalk


The State of the Environment

#IMPRI CECCSD conducts a #WebPolicyTalk series called The State of the Environment – #PlanetTalks with Dr Simi Mehta, CEO and Editorial Director, IMPRI, where she engages with experts on the environment, who share their insights on the challenges and way forward in moving towards a sustainable planet.

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