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With the entire world in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, and grappling with regional, national and international issues of development, policy formulation and its robust implementation assumes paramount importance. Even before the pandemic, progress in the areas of employment, education, gender equality, climate action, and inclusive development had been less than optimal, and these trying times have, without a doubt, exacerbated pre-existing challenges. The policy response? Too little, and too late.

This is where we stepped in.

IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute is an ethical, pro-active, independent and non-partisan policy-based research think tank with a strong commitment towards generating dynamic evidence, deepening public debate, and catalyzing transparent and accountable governance. As a start-up, we aim to harness the power of zealous and vibrant youth and collaborate with an expansive network of experts for action towards democracy, mobilization, and community building. Our diverse and ever-growing team of researchers, editors and administrative staff is unstinting in its efforts to create and sustain positive change, and is guided by a group of dedicated advisors who provide direction to this journey.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought untold misery and inflicted incredible socio-economic hardships in the lives of a vast majority of people worldwide. We, at IMPRI, despite financial challenges, rolled up our sleeves and sought to utilize these testing times as an opportunity to produce cost-effective and high-quality research and further dialogue towards actionable solutions. In this endeavour, we launched #WebPolicyTalk – a series of online deliberations on pressing policy issues, with all the vigour and richness of offline discussion. 

Over the past year, the #WebPolicyTalk platform has brought together people and perspectives on crucial matters, to generate knowledge, harness technological innovation, and create impact, all at the right time, through more than 300 impactful talks under 20 active thematic series in consultation with 2000 policymakers, academicians, practitioners, industry experts and civil society organisations. A whopping 1100+ hours of runtime, with more than double the number of hours having gone into pre- and post-production and dissemination.

The themes have been wide-ranging – from education to employment, gender justice to the environment, data ecosystems to international politics, and many more – with the focus squarely on mapping the way forward for and through policy. Each of the talks has been documented through videos on Facebook Live and YouTube, podcast episodes on Spotify, Google Podcasts and other platforms, an event report, and even through media coverage – all available as a vast and free online repository of knowledge for everyone. 

Our team works day in and day out to ensure that these discussions don’t stop at thought and theory. The #WebPolicyTalk initiative is committed to discourses with purpose, and with an outcome that is brought to the public domain in a relevant, regular and timely manner

To keep this momentum going, we need your help. Your contribution would support not just our programme and team’s undying efforts towards serious research and deliberations with key stakeholders, but would also enable technologies for communication and capacity building, which would, in turn, accelerate positive impact and policy progress on issues of socio-economic, political, and environmental importance – policy that shapes your, mine, and all of our lives.

Thank you.

Mahima Kapoor and the IMPRI Team


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