Center for the Study of Finance and Economics (CSFE)

About the Center

Finance and economics have been central to government policy having implications on economic growth, social welfare, and civil society interactions. With this understanding, IMPRI Center for the Study of Finance and Economics (CSFE) aims to foster a cutting-edge and rigorous interdisciplinary approach to research in finance and economics that cuts across subjects of mathematical finance, econometrics and macroeconomics. It encourages applied research on issues of global economy interactions. CSFE aims to emerge as a center for creative knowledge exchange and academic scholarship to provide policy support in areas of finance and economics.

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  • To conduct innovative research on applied financial and economic modelling and undertake impactful research in the areas of financial and economic methods, practices, and technology.
  • Facilitate discussion and dissemination of research by conducting primary and secondary research studies for empirical and theoretically sound findings and publications.
  • Foster collaborative research, and develop a multi-layered organizational engagement and partnership¬†with practitioners, think-tanks, academic institutions, industry bodies, government departments, and multilateral agencies.
  • To develop a repository of information to inform evidence-based and action-based policymaking.
  • To promote networking through seminars, conferences, exchange of researchers, joint research projects and public engagements for viable recommendations for theory and practice to promote meticulous exchange of ideas on finance and economics.

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