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Bangladesh and Afghanistan: A tale of contrasting trajectories

Marking the eastern and western contours of South Asia, the countries of Bangladesh and Afghanistan are separated by more than just a geographical distance of 2,474km. Endowed with similar inheritances of an experience of war, extremist threat, and governance by fledgling democracies, the two Islamic countries could not be more distinct from each other than they are today.  

Vodafone-Idea, Bad Bank and ‘narcotics jihad’

It was economic salvage week for the government. A package for the telecom sector was finally approved and announced, which makes it clear that the government favours three private players competing amongst themselves rather than a duopoly. The government also announced the formation of a bad bank to buy out Rs 2 lakh crore (Rs 2 trillion) worth of bad loans from the troubled Indian banks.

E-Shram needs some hard work to get going

On August 26, 2021, the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MOLE) launched the E-Shram, the web portal for creating a National Database of Unorganized Workers (NDUW), which will be seeded with Aadhaar. It seeks to register an estimated 398-400 million unorganized workers and to issue an E-Shram card. However, it has come into existence more than a decade after the passage of the Unorganized Workers’ Social Security Act in 2008; and if we consider inter-State migrant workers, the portal is a little more than four decades late.