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Historical and systemic gender biases towards men and male beneficiaries as well as in policy and practice have curtailed the overall scientific, societal and economic returns, which otherwise could have been maximized.

Gender Impact Studies Center (GISC) at IMPRI was set up to demonstrate the impact of research based on gender equity and equality and to distance itself from biases of the patriarchal prism of analysis. It aims to provide gender-agonistic evidence-based and action-based research and also draw the attention of research funders, governments, businesses, civil society as well as multi-lateral organizations for dedicated work and issues a call for proactive action and implementation.

GISC also collaborates with like-minded individuals and institutions with academic experts, policymakers, practitioners, private sector, and civil society through training programs, webinars, conferences, dialogues and media publications. It advocates  that voices against gender biases must be made more vocal, which would aid in the steady elimination of exclusive masculine agencies over a period of time.

GISC undertakes rigorous analysis of the nuances of challenges towards gender equality in both rural and urban spaces, violence against women, entrepreneurship, livelihood, poverty, hunger, shelter, etc.

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GISC aims to create an impact on:

Center's Flagship #WebPolicyTalk

The State of Gender Equality #GenderGaps

#IMPRI GISC is carrying out a #WebPolicyTalk series called The State of Gender Equality – #GenderGaps to engage with experts on gender issues, through an intersectional lens. The experts share their insights on the challenges and way forward in achieving gender equality, based on their work, experience and research. The series explores the role of governance, corporations, civil society, the populace and other actors in realising an equitable society.


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