CEO & Director’s Message


IMPRI was established with the aim to ideate and inform policy through focused evidence-based and action-based policy research, which would contribute to the creation of an equitable, just, peaceful and prosperous society, nation, and world. To attain this objective, we ensure to provide well-researched analyses with intense precision that enables policymakers, practitioners, the private sector, academia, and the civil society (both in India and around the world) to make informed decisions.

It is important that to have a nexus between the arts, humanities and social sciences with technocratic approaches. Therefore, we aim to engage in transdisciplinary research to foster a nexus for creating meaningful links between communities of researchers, policymakers, business leaders and practitioners. It provides spaces and networking opportunities for transdisciplinary engagements to flourish and aligned towards common goals and research outcomes.

We organize seminars, conferences, lectures, and publish extensively with the objective to increase the knowledge, awareness, and salience of policy perspectives with relevant and interested stakeholders. We aim to lead and shape global policy debates by providing an ethical, independent and non-partisan platform for multi-disciplinary policy research. We are committed to harnessing the power of the youth as zealously as learning from seniors and experts. We believe that reaching out to them in an objective manner is a prerequisite to unleash thoughtful ideas and novel solutions to create a tolerant, democratic, prosperous and peaceful society, which extends beyond borders.

Thank you for stopping by our website, and we look forward to meaningful collaborations with you as we commit our grit and determination for precise policy research!


Dr Simi Mehta

Ceo & Editorial director