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Contours of the Public Policy in India in the Amrit Kaal

Welcome to a transformative educational journey through "Understanding Indian Public Policy in the Amrit Kaal." This course is your gateway to unravelling the intricacies of public policy in India during the auspicious period of 2022 to 2047, coinciding with India's 100 years of independence. In an era where comprehensive literacy in the complexities of domestic and international public policies is essential for informed participation, this program serves as a beacon of enlightenment for all stakeholders in India. Crafted with precision, our program features renowned resource persons who will guide you through a diverse range of topics, from public financial management to citizen-centric policy design, technology's role in policy, urbanization, and environmental sustainability, among others. We delve into the impact of policies on stakeholders, their intended and unintended consequences, and the crucial analyses needed. This course goes beyond introductory levels, offering participants a unique understanding of contemporary governance from a multitude of perspectives. Whether you're a student, a policymaker, an NGO professional, a business leader, a journalist, an international observer, or simply an interested citizen, this course equips you with the knowledge and insights to navigate India's intricate public policy landscape.