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Center for Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

COP27 Aims for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

At this stage, it looks like a great point for discussion at the Conference as the climate diplomats from the developing world express hope of some forward movement and justice to the ‘Loss & Damage’ agenda. But the wealthy economies are apparently covering their backs through the recession and Eurasian war by pumping in more money into buying more dangerous weapon systems. So, the concern is that will there be again a tepid response to a meaningful financial commitment.

G20 Focus on Energy Transformation: Natural Gas Pathway to A Greener Economy

With the successful implementation of more LNG Terminals and pipelines, India is working towards delivering natural gas to every corner of India, making it available to a variety of domestic industries. In doing so, we are ensuring that a cleaner and more economically viable energy source can support our country’s energy needs.

Is Plastic Ban the Best Option?

Do not ban plastic; the costs are too high for society, in particular for the less well-off. Instead, invest heavily in technologies to degrade the plastic not already amenable to biodegradation and deploy these to solve the problem. India has the worker capacity to collect all plastic waste and recycle it or treat it with chemical or biological agents to convert it into simpler compounds such as carbon dioxide, water and methane. India also has the brain power to innovate novel solutions to the problem of plastic persistence in the ecosystem