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Center for Human Dignity and Development

Defence and Union Budget

Budget made for capital expenditure must increase if India is to keep pace with China’s rising military might. India’s tumultuous and volatile strategic environment showed no signs of abating in intensity. New Delhi continues to face a two-front challenge from both of its primary foes, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Pakistan, notwithstanding the latter’s recent conciliatory overtures, which are only a smokescreen to tide over its dire economic vulnerabilities.

Feminist Advocacy to Promote World Peace

There has been a global call for justice and an end to discrimination and violence against women in the private and public domains of the post-pandemic world by the transnational feminist movements. The traditional wars in two hundred locations on this planet have devastated the lives of civilians. The feminist perspective on peace-making, peace-building and peacekeeping aver that the quest for peace is an eternal pursuit for human fulfilment. Peace or absence of antagonistic, violent, or destabilising conflict is essential for ‘existence’ to become ‘life,’ for ‘survival’ to become ‘human.’