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Digital Data Protection Bill 2023 Balancing Privacy and Progress

Digital Data Protection Bill, 2023 – Balancing Privacy and Progress

On August 3, 2023, the Central Government presented the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill (DPDP), 2023, before the Lok Sabha. This legislative proposal delineates stipulations applicable to enterprises engaged in data management and processing, along with safeguarding individual entitlements. The principal objective of this bill is to disallow the transfer of data across international borders, impose penalties on corporations for breaches of data security, and furnish a structured groundwork for the establishment of a data protection authority, entrusted with the oversight of adherence to these regulations.
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Jan Vishwas Bill: 2022

The Jan Vishwas bill was recently passed and made into Law. It claimed to promote trust-based governance, ease of living and business, and enhancement of individual liberty. It attempts to do so by decriminalization of various offenses, periodic increase in penalties, and creation of new adjudicating officers overseeing penalties. As the Bill has recently been passed, we do not have empirical evidence of the policies. While the bill claim to achieve a lot, it isn’t entirely clear whether it is up to the challenge. There are also certain interesting changes made by the Jan Vishwas Bill, which may not entirely come under the ethos of the Bill. A critical analysis of the Bill, with arguments and evidence from various sources will helps us understand it better, and point out any possible concerns and flaws in the Bill.
The New Geopolitical Order: How India is becoming a key player in the world stage?

The New Geopolitical Order: How India is becoming a key player in the world stage?

What determines the ardour of the West’s wooing of India? Wherever India’s Prime Minister goes, he is feted, wooed, coddled. What explains this ‘rock star’ treatment? For the supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the answer is quite simple: his unparalleled charisma and popular support. For those not so adept at such thinking, a more rational explanation is in order. One can be found in the ongoing flux in geopolitics and the desperate search for a new world order, in which the West hopes to retain advantage, even if to a lower degree than it has had in the past.