Journal of Development Policy Review (JDPR)


About the Journal

Journal of Development Policy Review (JDPR) is a quarterly flagship research journal managed by Impact and Policy Research Institute (IMPRI), New Delhi, via IndraStra Open Journal Systems (e-ISSN 2693-1427).

JDPR hosts written contributions on topics having concrete implications for progressive development, covering a well-grounded policy analysis, that are interdisciplinary or focused on particular disciplines, for example, Economics, Politics, Governance, Geography, Sociology, Gender and Ethnic Discrimination, Development Studies, Environmental Degradation, Anthropology, and International Relations, with an expectation that all work is accessible to readers across the social sciences.

Inaugural Issue: The COVID-19 Pandemic and India

Vol. 1 No. 1 and 2 (2020): Special Issue: The COVID-19 Pandemic and India (January–March / April–June 2020)

The special issue of the Journal of Development Policy Review (JDPR) focuses on the ‘COVID-19 Pandemic and India’. The contributions cover COVID-19 pandemic that has already posed and continues to pose innumerable challenges for policymakers and citizens across the globe.

IMPRI JDPR Forewords
IMPRI JDPR Forewords